Here at Focus Shift Films we have just taken delivery of our new 360˚ camera – the Samsung Gear VR 360˚. This compact, but powerful camera is one of the best on the market and now offers more efficient workflows with high quality output – meaning that we can provide 360˚ services at a much better rate and with quicker turnaround than is offered by content creators using the Go Pro set up.

You can not only preview your shot on the Samsung Galaxy S7 before you hit record, but can also adjust ISO, exposure, white balance and then view during the filming. You can then watch not he S7 during recording and it’ll stitch the footage right away so you can watch it back as you intend to use and know that you have the shot in the can before you move on – all of this isn’t possible with the Go Pro rig!

We will have test videos and content going out over the next few days – so keep checking back to see what we’ve been up to!